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About Shirley Voss

Shirley Voss

Contact Information

Name: Shirley Voss
Work: (630) 423-8055
Location: Bartlett

About Me

… An empty-nester striving to reinvent myself, to discover and live my true Dharma or purpose in life, to help my students & clients to find balance and bliss in their lives through the wisdom of ancient traditions.

I have been a Chopra Center Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor since 2012. I am continuing my training to become a Chopra Certified Perfect Health Instructor. 

I was drawn to meditation when I was struggling to get through a very low time in my life. I have found that Primordial Sound Meditation is a wonderful, comfortable, and easy way to decrease stress and anxiety, find balance and inner peace, increase your mind-body-spirit  health, and creativity, and to get reacquainted with your true Self.

I was introduced to the science of Ayurveda through my meditation training (I have 1,000 hours of Meditation Teacher Training, and three meditation teaching certificates). Ayurveda is a perfect partner for Primordial Sound Meditation. Ayurveda is the oldest health system on the planet! Born of the same roots 5-6,000 years ago in Northern India. The aim of both is to find mind-body-spirit balance. 

I am also a Positive Psychology Life Coach, trained through the Wholebeing Institute. I offer private coaching sessions focused on helping my clients identify their goals (big or small, short or long-term), and guide them toward achieving those goals so they can thrive, flourish, and live their Best Life.

These 3 services: Primordial Sound Meditation, Ayurveda: Perfect Health, and Positive Psychology Coaching, combine with effortless ease to help my students and clients find true mind-body-spirit balance in their lives. These sessions can be either in person, for local students/clients (Chicago area), or online via Zoom for those further away. Hours are by appointment. I offer FREE consultations.



I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation
Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Perfect Health
Healing the Heart
Shirley Voss

Class Schedule

Monday - Thursday, by appointment Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details: Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation, taught in 4 private 1-hour sessions. Fee includes personalized Primordial Sound Mantra, workbook, continuing follow-up coaching. In person for local students (Chicago area), or online via Zoom.

Cost: $400.00

Start: 6/1/2019

End: 5/7/2019

Local in-person & online via Zoom


City: Bartlett

Map Details: Google Map Link