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About Micole Noble

Contact Information

Name: Micole Noble
Mobile: 858.361.0860
Location: Carlsbad

Other Places I Teach



San Diego

San Diego

Orange County



Los Angeles

Micole has been certified as a Chopra Center Vedic Educator since 2012 and is also a Chopra Certified Coach.  Connect with Micole if you are looking for RESULTS!

I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation
Perfect Health/Ayurveda
Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Vedic Educators

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Perfect Health
Yoga Retreat
Seduction of Silence

Photo Gallery

Class Schedule

By appointment Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details: Life Coaching Services offered for individuals and/or small groups as needed.  3, 6 or 12-month packages available, starting at $150 per session.

Cost: $150.00

Start: 12/1/2015

End: 6/1/2017

Event Link:



City: Carlsbad

Map Details: Google Map Link


"Working with Micole has been amazing. I was able to use the tools she offered to begin to look at my life from a positive perspective. That is to say, instead of focusing on the things I knew I DIDN'T want my life to be or include, I was able to shift my intentions, beliefs and actions to be about those things I DO want. This was eye opening, soul shifting and life changing for me. I practice these thoughts and behaviors every day and my life continues to be transformed. Micole really listened to the heart of what I shared with her. She gave caring, thoughtful feedback that allowed me to view what I shared in a new light, allowed me to be kinder to myself and more open to the possibility of change in my life. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again!"
--Melissa J.

"Micole has truly helped me to recreate myself and my life! Her approach is a beautiful balance of love, spirit, compassion, wisdom, and raw honesty. Micole is a master at what she does, and I am so grateful to have her in my life as a life coach, mentor, spiritual guide, and friend. :)"
--Stacie C.