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About Leslie Flynn: Ayurveda AHE, Yoga Alliance RYT


Contact Information

Name: Leslie Flynn: Ayurveda AHE, Yoga Alliance RYT
Mobile: 828-719-5460
Work: 828-719-5460
Location: Winston-Salem

Blue Mountain Yoga ~ 

You will enjoy a yoga series infused with the "Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga" as taught by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.   You'll experience a quieting of the mind  and deep body relaxation, while at the same time invigorating all the nerves, cells, and organs in your body.  A healthy way to start your Sunday morning ~ the first day of the week; and a healthy way to end your evenings, even if you only come a few times a week.  Any time is a good time for yoga!


Ayurveda ~ The Other Side of Yoga 

Leslie is deeply drawn to the wisdom of Ayurveda, and is passionately offering Ayurveda's natural healing therapies here in the Triad Communities.   More and more people are discovering that these ancient principles are easily applicable in today’s “day in the life”. 

About Leslie ~

Leslie was born a native Californian.  With an affinity for the mountains, Leslie is tickled to be living her dream – to be able to call “home”, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She has two lovely grown daughters, Leilani and Francesca, and resides here in the Natural Triad with her retired “golf” hubby, Mike.   Most importantly, Leslie is here to serve the Carolina communities with these ancient 5000-year-old proven practices of natural and healthy-living thru Ayurveda and Yoga.

Namaste Ya'll!


AHE Ayurveda Health Educator

RYT Yoga Alliance Member since 2008

Asthtanga Yoga RYT 200 Hrs - 

Hatha Yoga RYT 200 Hrs - 

Chair Yoga RYT -

I am certified in:

Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Healing the Heart

Photo Gallery

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  • Yoga is for Everyone Yoga is for Everyone
  • Beautiful Warriors Beautiful Warriors
  • Namaste in Chair Yoga Namaste in Chair Yoga
  • My Inner Child Nourish Your Inner Child
  • Shirodhara Warm Oil Therapy Ayurvedic Bliss Therapies
  • Blue Mountain Sanctuary Awaits You Blue Mountain Sanctuary Awaits You

Class Schedule

Sunday 9:30am << click here >> Sunday Morning Yoga Introductory Class

Event Details: Sunday Morning Yoga ~ All Skill Levels

We will begin our practice with Breathing Exercises to wake up and invigorate all the cells in your body.

  • Leslie will guide you in the Bhastriki Breath, Dirgha Breath, and Rythmic Four-Part Breath to nourish your organs and energize your body.
  • We will honor the sun with an ancient sun salutation series of yogic postures. This is a cardiovascular series that will strengthen all the muscles in your body and promote a healthy heart. We will infuse the chanting of sacred mantras while calming your nervous system and sharpening your concentration.

  • Based on your physical, mental, and emotional needs, we will practice specific yogic postures to elongate your spine, strengthen your back, and relieve stress.
  • We will rejuvenate our bodies from any over indulgence we may have burdened it with during our practice by the final yogic posture of Savasana, a deep restful pose of lying on your back or stomach, eyes softly closed. Leslie will watch the time.
  • Lastly, we will experience Chakra Toning and Chanting, a way of clearing the seven main energy vortexes in your body.
  • Because today is Sunday, the day we tap into our Pure Potentiality, leave quietly and enjoy the stillness you've cultivated in your body and mind.


Complimentary Guest Pass for First Time Visits

"Go somewhere, a busy place, observe ~ create parts of a story.  Then just wait . .“     

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Cost: $15.00

Start: 2/16/2014

End: 2/16/2018

Guilford County

Address: 2453 Hillcrest Center Circle

City: Winston-Salem

Map Details: Google Map Link

Fri 6pm << Click here >> Sleeping Warrior Yoga Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Bliss Therapies Sundays 8 to 8 << Click Here >> Perfect Health/Ayurveda
A Gentle Note From Leslie: Perfect Health/Ayurveda


"Hi leslie, Just wanted to say thanks for the yoga last night!! I slept better than I have in a long time!! It was amazing Best Regards, Stevie Bahu Account Manager"
--Stevie Bahu

"Dear Leslie, Thank you so much. That was so enjoyable, relaxing while energizing!! You will bless many with your teaching. Namaste Chante Sent from my iPhone"
--Chante Pemberton