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About Esra Ustar Oguz

Esra Ustar Oguz

Contact Information

Name: Esra Ustar Oguz
Location: Istanbul

We are all multi-dimensional beings... We are not our thoughts nor our body, but rather eternal beings confined -temporarily- in a human body... here to enjoy and learn from this 3D reality with all its wonders... to exercise our free will, see the results through our heart and then suddenly realize that all is in Divine order... In my experience, meditation is central to living a conscious life as such. It is no coincidence that all great sages and thinkers, regardless of what time they lived or what beliefs they had, have pointed out to this practice in order to transcend the illusion created by the mind. The mind, intellect and ego confine us such that at times we may feel we are choiceless and powerless. A meditator goes beyond all this and realizes our true boundless, interconnected nature that is ONE with our Creator. This brings such expanded awareness that life becomes an adventure which one embraces with all its uncertainties, knowing and trusting that all is always well.

I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Perfect Health
Esra Ustar Oguz