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About Jeanine Graykowski

Contact Information

Name: Jeanine Graykowski
Mobile: 916-801-2664
Work: 916-973-1661
Location: Carmichael

Jeanine Graykowski is the founder of Creating Perfect Health. Teaching around the world over the last 30 years, Jeanine has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars, and camps in health and personal development. As a Certified Perfect Health Instructor by Dr. Deepak Chopra she has the ability to teach others simple solutions for lasting change. She understands that too often we are given recommendations on our health based on the generic. What works for one clearly does not work for all.

Jeanine creates insight on ways to reduce stress while having a sense of wellbeing, improve nutrition, and exercise based on the time tested principles of what works for the individual and that can benefit any person at any age. Whether you want to know which diet and behaviors are best for you or you want to live a life that promotes an evolution of consciousness, living a life in balance can be the key to living a vital lifestyle. Jeanine lives in Carmichael with her husband Dr. Robert Graykowski. Together they have worked side by side raising a family and working together since 1985 making a measurable difference in the lives of the community.

I am certified in:

Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit

Photo Gallery

  • Jeanine Graykowski When Life is in Balance, We are Healthy

Class Schedule

Mondays 5:00-7:00pm Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Event Details: Creating Perfect Health Workshop Series

The Pathway to a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

Presented by Chopra Certified Instructor: Jeanine Graykowski

The transformational Perfect Health Program is designed to simplify our lives and enhance our overall health and well being

* You will discover your mind-body type through a unique analysis based on Ayurveda principles and learn other powerful tools to awaken the natural wellness within you!

* Learn to select the most nourishing foods designed for your body composition and help maintain vibrant heath, appropriate weight and optimized digestion.

* Learn which exercises are best for your unique body for optimal wellness.

* Enliven and renew yourself each day with rejuvenating strategies

* Learn the tools to improve and enhance your relationships

Perfect Health Program is ten hours and taught over 5 workshops! This program is open to the community and is regularly $574 but just for Spring we have discounted this program to $399! Group rates are available!

Call today! (916)973-1661 and reserve your seat this class will fill up!


Cost: $399.00

Start: 5/8/2017

End: 7/3/2017



City: Carmichael

Map Details: Google Map Link


""I didn’t realize that my stress was affecting my entire family until I took the Perfect Health course and found JOY!” JP"

"The class gave me the tools to make very simple changes and before I knew it, I was on the road to a level of health I never felt before. I look forward to each day-and the next class!"