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About Colleen Avis

Contact Information

Name: Colleen Avis
Mobile: 703-732-1007
Location: Arlington

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Colleen Avis


Colleen Avis

DC Area

Colleen Avis

Falls Church

Colleen Avis


lHi, I’m Colleen Avis and I’m passionate about wellness.

Illness and disease shouldn’t be the status quo. Since 2015, I’ve committed to helping others find balance in their lives through improved sleep, reduced stress, improved nourishment, and emotional wellbeing. The way I see it, you absolutely deserve to feel your best.

I will meet you where you are. 

Whether we’re working together in a group yoga class or one on one Ayurveda nutrition planning, I aim to share practice and knowledge that ensures the lifestyle shifts are incorporated in daily routines and that you feel excited and motivated about your journey.   

I lead with my heart and believe that your wellness approach should be both practical and customized to you. 

As a Certified Instructor and Meditation Teacher for the Chopra Center, I’m passionate about sharing the teachings of Vedic wisdom, balance, healing, and transformation.

You can reinvent yourself. And after 15 years in high-pressure corporate world, nearly 10 years in the design business, and then shifting into studying and receiving my certifications in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda . . . I’ve come to realize this truth: some of the greatest impacts we can make start with subtle shifts.

I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation
Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Seduction of Spirit (On: 4/1/2017)
Spiritual Solutions (On: 4/1/2016)
Perfect Health

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Class Schedule

Thursdays 8:30am Primordial Sound Meditation

Event Details: For all classes please contact me via Thank you.

Cost: $20.00

Start: 2/27/2020

End: 2/3/2021

Colleen Avis


City: Arlington

Map Details: Google Map Link

Wednesdays 12:15pm Primordial Sound Meditation


"The incalculable amount of support I receive from you through working with you, the community in your meditation class, and the toolkit that I’ve built for myself from what you’ve taught me…it really allowed me to navigate our family loss"
--Lois W.

"Working with Colleen has an immeasurable positive effect on my life through the practices of Ayurveda and meditation as well as her energies and guidance in designing and creating a workspace that allows me to feel creative."
--Dr. Lynn Westine

"I’d like to start and end every day with a yoga class from Colleen! She puts you completely at ease, letting you know that your yoga practice is designed for whatever your body can do."
--Mary B.

"Colleen has energy that can light up a room. She has a wonderful ability to connect with students and participants by sharing her own journey and practice. Meditation can often be intimidating, but Colleen is able to make everyone feel so comfortable while beginning or deepening their practice. Every time, I attend a class, I leave feeling restored and ready to walk through my day with patience, gratitude and a smile."
--Stephanie M.

"Colleen Avis kicked off our "Wydler Wellness" initiative with what I am affectionately calling "Meditation for Dummies" (she had a much better name for it). Colleen did an incredible job explaining the tangible benefits of introducing a meditation practice into your regular daily routine. She also de-mystified how to do it. As an employer, I would highly recommend other employers to hire Colleen to present to their work force."
--Steve Wydler

"As a full-on beginner to meditation, Colleen could not have made my first few practices any more welcoming and encouraging. Her support made me feel safe and open to share my experiences while learning new methods and techniques to help enhance the quality of my meditation skills. Receiving my mantra from Colleen was one of the most uplifting spiritual experiences I have had in my meditation journey and I have continued to use that mantra to this day. I could not have asked for a better teacher and coach than Colleen. If you have the opportunity to experience her teaching, I'm sure you will feel the same."
--Brett Eaton

"Colleen is a gentle and welcoming soul as she administers her healing techniques and the power of mindful meditation. She is an encouraging guide, committed to imparting her understanding of the benefits of being present to one's physical and mental well-being. I enjoyed my lessons and time with Colleen and highly recommend her for your path towards enlightenment, acceptance and renewal."
--Patti H.

"I was in desperate need of guidance in meditation, and I was lucky enough to start with Colleen's way. I like her style of balancing teaching, sharing via personal examples, and humor. Receiving my personal mantra with her was a moving moment; I experienced a warmth throughout my chest that could only be described as sheer peace and joy!"
--Lisa B.

"I have been regularly meditating since 2008 and have explored numerous practices. Since receiving my Bija Mantra, I have been able to go deeper in meditation with increased focus and clarity. Knowing this sound was vibrating the moment I entered this world- is a reminder of my own divinity and connection to the Divine. Working with Colleen was a true gift."
--Corrine K.