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About Peggy O'Hare

Contact Information

Name: Peggy O'Hare
Mobile: +44 (0) 1767 627 281

Other Places I Teach

Default Location

United Kingdom

Richmond Surrey

United Kingdom

I have been practising Primordial Sound Meditation since 1995 and started teaching in 1997. I work very flexibly catering for small and large groups: the one and one sessions are particularly well received with corporate clients. 

I have worked with Deepak on many occasions – the highlight being a co-sponsored one-day event in London with Deepak and Wayne Dyer when over 3,000 people gathered to share in a most memorable happening – the like of which has not been repeated in London!
In a progressively fast paced world increasingly my students say their reason for learning meditation is to alleviate stress. Stress is debilitating as it inhibits the free flow of energy and information throughout the system. The more stress is accumulated the less efficient are our bodies and minds. Most of our lives are spent looking outside ourselves for happiness, fulfillment and approval. 

Through meditation we turn our attention within to re-discover our Self, which is the source of all creativity, peace and joy. The deep rest gained during meditation helps the body to support great balance and vitality. 

In addition to teaching in Richmond Surrey, London, Northern Ireland - 3 years ago I developed a 2-day residential course which I teach in my home in rural Bedfordshire.
Day 1 - Start  4.00pm
Learning the practice of meditation and receiving your personal mantra followed by meditation practice.

Dinner- with inspirational conversations/poetry
Day 2  - 9.00am
Begin with gentle Yoga or mindfulness walking in the country in silence. Breakfast followed by in-depth discussion about how we integrate the practice in our lives ending with a group meditation. 

Course ends with light lunch


I am certified in:

Primordial Sound Meditation

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Seduction of Silence


"Meditation has become part of my lifestyle and I thank Peggy for this. I had leant meditation before but I struggled to make it an everyday occurrence and I often questioned myself if I was doing it the right way. Peggy provided a relaxed, supportive and informative platform that has allowed meditation to become an aspect of who I am. Meet you in the gap - it's so exquisite."
--Jackie Michael, Broadcaster

""Peggy O'hare, oh what joy you bring. Your radiant face full of peace and love with eyes that sing. So wise, playful and compassionate you are. Having touched the hearts of many people, both near and far. Like a mother you nurture all who visit your home, with the abundance of love, many seeds have been sown. So warm and welcoming you are to all beings seeking to find their truth. It's no wonder so many take spiritual refuge under your roof. Teacher? Leader? yes, you are. But to me you have been a guiding star.""
--Alexia Cundy, Trainee Meditation Teacher

"'I came to learn Primordial Sound Meditation with Peggy at a time when I was working a great deal, and was rather stressed with my family and career commitments. I hoped that through learning the PSM techniques, it would enable me to accomplish more, do more, focus and concentrate more. What I had not expected was it actually has helped me do less and be satisfied with less which is actually so much more. After starting the daily practice I realised I notice the birdsong in the morning or on my way home from work, I noticed the spring scent of flowers, and have over the years found deeper appreciation for everything and everyone around me bringing about happiness and peace. The beauty of life has become apparent, and amplified. Yes there are hard times, there are difficulties and stressful situations, but Peggy and the practice has helped me accept these moments - they are part of life – the tools which Peggy has shared so effectively are accessing what is within us all. Admittedly I have sometimes struggled with the regularity of taking time out twice a day to do the meditation practice and repeat the mantra for 20-30 minutes, having a young family etc. But when I do take the time I do feel much calmer and able to make decisions from my true nature rather than an ego reaction. When I don't have the time to take time out I take time to do things mindfully; walking, breastfeeding, washing up - it all helps, sometimes repeating the mantra, to still the mind, and recharge. Peggy is a wonderful teacher because she is brimming with compassion, and empathy. She is deeply spiritual but also fun loving and relaxed in her approach, she is not at all dogmatic and she is encouraging so that anyone comes to her will discover the way that is right for them, and be motivated and inspired to develop in ways you wouldn't have imagined. For me Peggy's teaching has transformed my life and set me on a journey of discovery that has brought me and those around me an improved quality of life and great happiness.'"
--Samantha Trinder, Hotelier and Yoga Teacher