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About Dr. Manisha Ghei

Contact Information

Name: Dr. Manisha Ghei
Work: (281)456-3866
Location: Sugar Land, TX; Houston, TX

Dr. Manisha Ghei is the owner/ Medical Director of Praana Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Center in Sugar Land, TX. She is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine & Integrative Holistic Medicine. She is also an approved Functional Medicine Physician by The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM); a Certified First Line Therapy Physician; a Certified Tier 2 Certified Physician by Gluten Free Society; and a Certified Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher (Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation).
Dr. Ghei made the switch to Integrative Medicine after practicing mainstream Internal Medicine for almost a decade. A serious personal health crisis led her down the path of exploring alternative and complementary modalities. She says: "Through my illness, I have found my "Dharma" or "my purpose in life", which is to serve others by bringing to them, these ancient healing wisdoms which are 5,000 years old but still work just as well today as they did then! My intention is always to provide my patients with personalized and individualized care and to find out the underlying causes for their "dis-ease" instead of implementing the band-aid philosophy of giving drugs and suppressing only their symptoms! I am always willing to look at alternative and complementary methods of dealing with chronic diseases and trying to incorporate and integrate them together with modern medicine (if at all that is needed!). I strive to develop a unique treatment plan which is specific only to that individual!"
"Praana" is the Sanskrit word for the infinite "Vital Life Force Energy". Dr. Ghei's feels that the teachings of Ayurveda and Vedanta brought back this vital life force energy into her body; thus her goal is to encourage, assist and empower her patients to develop and sustain the proper flow of this vital energy within themselves, and support the immense natural intelligence of their body allowing it to unfold its infinite potential. She continually strives to provide personalized patient-centered care rather than disease-centered care.
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I am certified in:

Chopra Health/Ayurveda

Chopra Events Attended:

Journey into Healing
Seduction of Spirit
Perfect Health

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"#1 ”After receiving a recommendation to see Dr. Manisha Ghei, I visited her web site. I knew she was the right Doctor for me, when I read her quote ”All medicine comes down to this: Find out what’s bugging you; get rid of it. Find out what you need; get it.” At 73, I was in a deteriorating state of health with a Toxicity test of 98/100 points, blood pressure of 230/130, and 37 long years of insomnia. Just two months later I’m a happy 73 year (old) ‘young’ woman with a 150/60 blood pressure, a Toxicity test of only 12/100 points, and I’m not an insomniac any more. These positive changes happened with no medications at all!!! For me this is not a miracle, though it feels like one… It is Dr.Manisha Ghei’s knowledge and intuition. Beside her studies and great knowledge, Dr. Ghei is a beautiful, sensitive and patient person. During our initial two hour appointment, she gave me all the care, compassion and warmth I needed so badly. (I had never had a Dr spend more than 20 minutes with me before). Two weeks prior to my appointment I was asked to fill out a 35 page medical history questionnaire which gave her a thorough understanding of my medical history and condition. During my visit in her office, she had answers and did not waste our time asking exploratory questions. Though I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but every day I feel better and have more energy. This experience has given me a better understanding of food and how to treat my body and very important information for the good health of my loved ones! She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine (MD) and Board Certified in Integrative & Holistic Medicine. I highly recommend Dr.Manisha Ghei if you are not well. For me, choosing Dr. Manisha Ghei as my healthcare consultant has been nothing shy of a coming back to life!” Sincerely, Yolanda Ortiz Austin, TX"
--Yolanda Ortiz

"#2 Dr. Manisha Ghei has redefined for me what “going to the doctor” means. I was impressed, first of all, with how much time she took to get to the bottom of my ailments. For years I’ve suffered from chronic skin conditions, arthritis, allergies, and more recently stomach issues, and never felt taken seriously by the doctors I’d seen. For one, no doctor had ever spent more than ten minutes with me. They also treated my ailments topically (with creams or medication) and never brought to my attention, unlike Dr. Ghei, that there might be an underlying cause to my issues. Dr. Ghei took a comprehensive approach to understanding my health, digging deep into my past and present medical history before deciding which functional tests to pursue. She is amazingly thorough, but has a knack for relating to you on a personal level — explaining medical concepts that a layperson can understand. When the results from the lab work came back (it was discovered, among other things, that I carry the genes that predispose me to celiac disease, and that I am gluten sensitive), she called me immediately and patiently went over every item that was significant on the pages and pages of data. She not only interpreted the data but related it to how it was affecting my immune system, and offered suggestions as to how to prevent further damage down the line. She is remarkable at what she does, and I’m so thrilled to have her as a doctor. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m getting to bottom of my health issues, and more importantly working towards healing. Thank you, Dr. Ghei!! Monica Khanna"
--Monica Khanna

"#3 I’m so grateful to have met Dr. Ghei. Finally a doctor who was able to give me some relief! For two years I’ve been suffering from a variety of symptoms: chronic fatigue, stomach problems, postnasal drip, etc. My PCP was dismissive (“We’ll deal with that another day”) or ineffective (for instance, the nasal sprays he described worked temporarily at best; in subsequent visits, he never asked if the problem persisted). I had resigned myself to living with it. Then my wife told me about Dr. Ghei’s practice. I decided to check her out. Dr. Ghei has a solid foundation in traditional Western medicine, which she practiced for years before expanding her horizons, a great testimony to her thoroughness. She truly looks at the whole patient. And she looks long and hard. She listens to my complaints, then asks for details, and asks again and again. After a battery of tests, she finally got to the root of things. She called me the moment the results came in, explained what was wrong and why, put me on the right antibiotics, and suggested a bunch of dietary changes. And two weeks into the treatment changes are beginning to manifest: I’m less tired, have a lot more energy, my stomach stopped gurgling, no more reflux, and I can breathe through my nose. As for the dietary adjustments that are required, I actually enjoy taking a more active role in my well-being. Dr. Ghei has turned my life around. She’s a phenomenal doctor, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Martin Reichert"
--Martin Reichert