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Chopra Total Well-being Coaching

Chopra Total Well-being Coaching

One of the highest Chopra Certification available by completing these 3 top tier programs:

  • Chopra Meditation Certification Teacher Training
  • Chopra Health Certification Teacher
  • Chopra Coaching Certification Training

The Chopra Total Well-being Coaching Program takes a mind-body-spirit approach to well-being by blending 5,000 years of ancient wisdom combined with the life’s work and research of Deepak Chopra. Participants will learn the blueprint to becoming a well-rounded well-being coach, trained with the tools and wisdom to change lives.

All the Chopra Certification Programs are anchored in both traditional wisdom and cutting-edge science for a whole health approach to wellness. To truly master these powerful teachings, we believe a solid foundation needs to be laid first, what we ascribe to is: Learn. Apply. Teach. And now Coach.

Our Health and Meditation programs are powerful by themselves, though the Total Well-being Coaching program deepens personal knowledge, applying time-proven techniques, and they help to develop the skills needed to help others transform.

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