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About Michelle Peck

Contact Information

Name: Michelle Peck
Location: Houston

  • Well-being is definitely an exercise in belonging, purpose, liberation, and brilliance. We've got to really prep our minds and bodies to nurture balance and connection. And when we do this, the thriving and renewal that comes, it's a magnificent and sustainable reward. Gathering online with people from all over the world and training them in small groups is my favorite activity because when people find the treasures inside themselves while experiencing a deep sense of belonging, it reminds me to appreciate the simplicity of life.

        My name is Michelle Peck, and I'm a start-up co-founder, instructor, and program creator from Texas. I love to help people discover the joys of well-being because when we thrive, this strengthens our kids, communities, and families. I deepened my journey for my family, and now I love uniting science with spirit and teaching easy-to-learn techniques that awaken great potential. I love teaching meditation; for me, it's like the key that opens all the treasures.
        Hearing the stories of my grandfather working as a surgeon planted a seed deep inside me that we are much stronger when we come from wholeness. And we won't be our best selves if we don't nurture balance. So, one of my greatest passions is helping people discover the joys of well-being by beginning from wholeness, promoting balance, and growing connections.
        Opening some potential for discovery, abundance, and chill space for each person is different, and seeing this progress is beautiful. With a strong foundation, willingness, curiosity, commitment, and courage, anyone can embrace renewal, thriving, and well-being. I'm living what I've always wanted to do by setting people up for success and leaving them where I know they are balanced, supported, and beautifully growing more than what they thought was possible. Everything is just better when well-being is nurtured from the comfort of home.


I am certified in:

Chopra Health/Ayurveda
Chopra Meditation
Total Well-being Coach

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"I have been uncertain of my next career path for months! But, after working with Michelle and gaining heart sense – I feel confident to consistently show up to not only impact my health but also that of the community I serve."