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About Michelle Peck

Contact Information

Name: Michelle Peck
Location: Houston

Imagine transforming stress and worry into vitality, clarity, and thriving relationships. . .

Often it's hard to meet all our daily needs and requirements. That's why we help professionals thrive by reaching higher response states filled with easy solutions and well-being. Our premier program uses science-based techniques and tools. 

We specialize in helping professionals:

>>Decrease stress and inflammation.

>>Gain clarity, vitality, and creativity. 

>>Learn how to make greater impacts.

>>Reconnect and nurture thriving relationships.

>>Improve physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellness.

. . . and much more.

I'm Michelle, and I help people who value caring for themselves and the people in their lives thrive by using a customized science-based training approach with practical and personalized tools. 

As a nurse for 20 years, instructor, and mom who has cared for and taught thousands of people, I've lived how stressful and depleting it can be caring for clients and family. So I know how it feels when your body aches and your mind races from unrelenting demands. 

As an expert in caring and the author of Self-Caring, I help people grow their talents and capacity to experience total well-being.


I am certified in:

Chopra Health/Ayurveda
Chopra Meditation
Total Well-being Coach

Class Schedule

Perfect Health/Ayurveda

Event Details:


Stop Doing

Start Well-Being

Implementation Program

>>Transformational groups

>>Premium personalized content

>>Science-based techniques + tools

Apply today at:

Cost: $4,997.00

Start: 4/1/2023

End: 8/31/2023

Event Link:

Online Global Courses


City: Houston

Map Details: Google Map Link


"I have been uncertain of my next career path for months! But, after working with Michelle and gaining heart sense – I feel confident to consistently show up to not only impact my health but also that of the community I serve."
--Stacy Drake