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About Lisa Barker

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Name: Lisa Barker
Work: 530-575-8588
Location: Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara

Lisa Barker

Santa Barbara

Lisa Bruno Barker, MA, RSDE and Chopra Certified Coach. 

Lisa’s 30 year journey in Health & Wellness began with a focus on mind-body connection. After graduating from the energy-transformational school of Psychic Horizons she became a Minister in 1992. She created the award winning “Mindfulness in Motion” class while performing as a dancer and choreographer in San francisco. Her passion evolved towards formal training, leading her to earn a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy at UCLA. In Los Angeles, she taught various movement therapies, including Authentic Movement , and furthered her expertise by becoming a Registered Somatic Dance Educator in 2019. In 2020, Lisa Barker and Jenny Hale received the prestigious California Humanities for All Project Grant and embarked together as the Directors on the community placemaking creation of Project Wild Edges. Currently Lisa resides in Santa Barbara and continues her mission as a Chopra Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

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Chopra Coach

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"Testimonies for Somatic-Recovery Website I absolutely love working with Lisa in ‘Somatic One-on-One sessions.’ Lisa naturally shares her gift of insight to support my highest good as we explore together what I need in the moment. I so appreciate Lisa’s ability to listen deeply so she can offer opportunities for profound growth. She really allows us to co-create a path of healing and empowerment together. After a session with Lisa, I feel like anything and everything is possible for me. I love that she understands the importance of connecting the spiritual and the embodied processes! -Michael R. Lisa’s calm presence creates a setting where psyche and soma were held in a physical and psychic space by Lisa. This allows me to deepen into the unknown and surface to a welcoming and compassionate environment. Without judgment, Lisa opens her heart while having her own boundaries and sharing her knowledge of how the body holds the psyche and how to mindfully bear the challenges, doubts and insecurities. I felt I could share because of her sensitivity, open manner and ability to speak gently about uncomfortable things. Paula P. In this past year and a half of working with Lisa, the emotions and energies released through the multi-faceted approach (Somatic exercises, guided imagery, visualizations, meditations and creative therapies and coaching) that Lisa offers, provided me with core insights into the roots of my psychological pain/issues and I started releasing a lot of internal psychological baggage. Lisa became my main central provider as I worked with other providers for my mental health. Her insights helped inform me on how to continue accessing specific support from the other providers on lifestyle topics of health and wellness. Lisa is a very wholesome integrated provider and very personable as well! She has brought me tremendous clarity, relief and support in my life today! Sera P."
--Lisa Bruno Barker